Creating and executing sustainable growth strategies

The Marq Energie team delivered three years of 35% annual average growth for Vins de Provence, a trade group of 600+ wine producers.

Attracting foreign direct investment

For one of our clients, Marq Energie identified more than 10 U.S. retail, service, and renewable energy companies with firm investment plans, accelerating the investment process.

Bringing producers into distribution channels

Marq Energie conducted research, refined positioning, and facilitated successful connections for Salernes, the largest handmade tile producing group in France.

Marq Energie is a boutique trade consulting firm dedicated to serving international companies and associations that are seeking to enter or grow in the United States. We specialize in providing integrated trade strategy, marketing, and advisory services for our clients, helping them to grow sustainably in the U.S. market.

Foreign Direct Investment

Marq Energie Consulting facilitates international trade for countries, regions, and cities from around the world by connecting them with U.S. businesses seeking international expansion.

U.S. Market Growth

Marq Energie Consulting helps foreign businesses and international trade organizations create sustainable growth in the U.S. market through thoughtful strategy and implementation.

Marq Energie: Behind the Name

Marq (pronounced “mark”) is a shortened form of the French marque, which means brand and is similar to the word for brand in many languages. Energie signifies what we see as our defining advantage – that we bring the energy and insight to create and implement thoughtful market strategies for our clients. This means we can accelerate the path to your growth or investment goals.

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